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Due to increasing demands of the Encoded Shows (in Request Page) we are hereby currently opening our site for encoders who want to be a part of our ASteam, we have planned to expand the team by recruiting encoders who are interested. The main reason for this is because there are new animes and seasons which are getting released every day and we are planning to add them!...moreover our 'Fans' are also important to us, we need to fulfill their requests too! :) ...If you are interested, then go ahead and complete the form below and mail me at:
NOTE: At AnimeSquid we provide the best Quality as fast as we i will also be checking in the quality of your encode....and don't worry, if you meet my requirements i will also teach you the encoding tricks to boost up the 'QUALITY'... :)
Application Form: 1) About Yourself. (Name,age,Sex,current occupation,E-mail ID,where you are from,member in any forums....etc.)
2) Experience in any previous encoding. (If yes, then upload your encode...IT SHOULD BE YOURS and to make that sure plz "HARDMUX" your name on the video file.
3) What is your current PC Configuration, Internet connection and bandwidth you have...!!(LOLZz Just to make sure that you dont overuse your bandwidth.. :P )
4) Why do you want to join AnimeSquid? (A few sentences...anything which interested you in or something like that :) )
5) Do you own any Rapidshare/Megaupload/Hotfile...etc. premium accounts? (Any other please specify.Be truthful! :P . We don't need your account details...LOLZz!)
6) Any other things you want to say/suggest/comment/personal issue...please feel free to share it with me! :)
By sending in the form to me, 'AnimeSquid' assure you to keep your private information between ourselves. You also accept that you take full responsibility for your encode and should also be real 'Dedicated' as myself..LOL!
But yeah i will be telling you what you will encode so you won't be straining yourself! :) ... Your comfort is also important to me!....
All you got to have is a Good PC and Internet connection!...but you have to really take interest in it...Well there are other teams like Graphic/Mirroring/Moderating etc., rather than Encoding. So if you are interested, then contact us...!! Send all your mails to:


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is the email given no longer any good?

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